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How to close the useRutterLink modal on unmount of react app

Hey there,

I would like to close the useRutterLink modal on unmount of a react app, useRutterLink provides an exit function:

 * This hook loads Rutter script and manages the Rutter Link creation for you.
 * You get easy open & exit methods to call and loading & error states.
 * This will destroy the Rutter UI on un-mounting so it's up to you to be
 * graceful to the user.
 * A new Rutter instance is created every time the token and products options change.
 * It's up to you to prevent unnecessary re-creations on re-render.
declare const useRutterLink: (options: RutterLinkOptionsWithPublicKey) => {
    error: ErrorEvent | null;
    ready: boolean;
    exit: Function;
    open: Function;

I'm trying to call exit on unmount with no success.

Any ideia on how to go about this?

Many thanks.