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webhooks sandbox testing

Is there a way that we can test webhook on sandbox environment after config the webhook url in dashboard ? https://docs.rutterapi.com/reference/order-webhooks we're developer and want to try the webhooks but can not find how to trigger the webhook on sanbox. Thank you.

Recipes link is broken

Repro: 1. https://docs.rutterapi.com/recipes 2. Click "open recipe" under "Rutter JavaScript Setup" 3. Click "More recipes" This leads you to a dead link

Unable to link Customers with Orders

When fetching customers using the /customers endpoint the API returns an empty array, When fetching orders using the /orders endpoint I can see that there are orders from customers. Connection ID: c472893e-a986-406e-b419-3428d4676f48 Store Uniq ID: lerockcaps.myshopify.com Org ID: 37f98194-3f00-4b06-bf2e-44e0e21dc581 Screenshots Customers API Response -> https://cln.sh/X2sc5X Orders API Response -> https://cln.sh/2diorm

Is there a way to get the original shopify access token to add customer webhooks for abandonded cart?

How can we exchange the connection access token for the original Shopify access token so that we can add custom webhooks for receiving the abandoned carts? Also, how can we search for a customer using a phone number?

How to close the useRutterLink modal on unmount of react app

Hey there, I would like to close the useRutterLink modal on unmount of a react app, useRutterLink provides an exit function: ```/** * This hook loads Rutter script and manages the Rutter Link creation for you. * You get easy open & exit methods to call and loading & error states. * * This will destroy the Rutter UI on un-mounting so it's up to you to be * graceful to the user. * * A new Rutter instance is created every time the token and products options change. * It's up to you to prevent unnecessary re-creations on re-render. */ declare const useRutterLink: (options: RutterLinkOptionsWithPublicKey) => { error: ErrorEvent | null; ready: boolean; exit: Function; open: Function; };``` I'm trying to call exit on unmount with no success. Any ideia on how to go about this? Many thanks.

Why am I not receiving the store_unique_name from /item/public_token/exchange API?

I'm calling the /item/public_token/exchange API and getting back the expected fields except fro the `store_unique_name`. I've tested with BigCommerce and Shopify logins.

How do I create a one-click install app in BigCommerce?

I want to list my app on the BigCommerce store and use Rutter to handle everything else. What urls do I need to use for /auth and /load for the BigCommerce app setup? I assume that the "Direct App Install Redirect URL" in the Rutter -> Platform section of the Rutter App is where I need to put the url that is redirected to after a successful one-click authentication? Is there anything this url should show or any information it should handle -- for example, should it be my apps dashboard or login screen? I ask about the login screen because with one-click install, I won't have a user in my DB yet, so I won't have somewhere to store the access token unless I have the store user create an account for my service. Thanks for any help!

Can we use rutter in multitenancy apllication

I have tried to implement rutter in multitenancy but getting the same access_token and connection_id on integrating different tenant with rutter.

Update product Inventory

How to update only the product inventory?? Which API, I have to hit How to send the payload for just updating product inventory?

App Uninstall

As per documentation we can install app on store using Link..suppose i want uninstall app from store how can i do that ? If i use connection delete api if will uninstall or not?