What is Rutter?

Rutter's mission is to empower businesses with new commerce and financial experiences. We provide a single API that enables your teams to focus on core products rather than building and maintaining integrations with different ecommerce platforms, accounting systems, and payment processors.

How does it work?

To get a better understand of how Rutter syncs data, reference the image below and follow along with these 9 steps:

  1. The Business will start the process to connect a Platform to your product.
  2. Your product will use Rutter to handle the OAuth process between platforms.
  3. Rutter will display the Platform's OAuth flow to the Business.
  4. The Business will submit their credentials.
  5. The Platform will authenticate and notify Rutter it is accepted or rejected.
  6. Rutter will start to sync the Platform data.
  7. Rutter will inform your product that the Platform has connected.
  8. Your product can then get the data stored in Rutter (once it has completed the data sync in step 6).
  9. Do cool stuff with the data!

What can I find here?

Here you'll find information about:

  1. How to connect your business to Rutter.
  2. What businesses will see when connecting to your product through Rutter.
  3. Our universal REST APIs for Commerce, Accounting, and Payment platforms, that give you normalized data to make your business decisions.

Where do I start?

We recommend using Postman to test out our API endpoints and review our data model. Use our published Postman collection to quickly test out our endpoints.

Run in PostmanRun in Postman

Ready to learn more?

To learn more about our product and how we let you focus on building features that delight your customers, click the button below!

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