Rutter Link Sandbox

Testing Link in Rutter Sandbox

The sandbox environment makes it easy to test out the Rutter Link authentication flow. Be sure you've read through our Rutter Link Overview to get an overview on how it works.

To test Rutter Link, pass in your sandbox public key which you can find on your Rutter Dashboard.

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const rutterInstance = Rutter.create({
  publicKey: "sandbox_pk_.....",
  onSuccess: function (publicToken) {
    // Send publicToken to your backend and exchange
    console.log("public token: " + publicToken)
  onError: function (error) {

//{platform: ""})

In the Rutter Link popup, select a platform (ex. Shopify) and enter the relevant store info. After that you'll be taken to a page that simulates the platform OAuth flow in production where a business logs in with their username and password. In this case, enter user_good and pass_good for username and password, respectively to authenticate successfully. You will then receive a public token that you can use to exchange for an access token and fetch data from that connection.

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