Use the Sandbox to quickly develop and test your app

What is Rutter Sandbox?

Rutter Sandbox is an environment that enables developers to test the Rutter API with realistic data without needing to authenticate merchants via Rutter Link. With Rutter Sandbox, you can confirm that your integration works the way you intend.

Testing Rutter Link

In the sandbox, you can test Rutter Link without needing to authenticate a real store. This makes it easy to integrate Rutter Link into your application and test the end user connection experience. You'll need the sandbox public key, which you can find on your Rutter Dashboard. For more on how to connect a store, read Rutter Link Sandbox.

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Testing Rutter API

We also provide you with an existing set of active connections so you can quickly test the Rutter API. You can find the sandbox access tokens in your Rutter Dashboard:


With this access token, you can fetch information from a sandbox Shopify store and get realistic data. We recommend using Postman to test out the supported API endpoints listed below and review our data model. Use our published Postman collection to quickly test out our endpoints.

Supported Endpoints



Please change the base URL of your requests from to

At the moment, we support the following endpoints in sandbox mode:

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