Store Webhooks

You will receive notifications via a webhook whenever there are new events associated with a Store. All webhooks related to a store have a type of STORE.


This webhook fires a merchant's store configuration changes (the most common changes are default currency change and default language change)

 "type": "STORE",
 "code": "STORE_UPDATED",
 "connection_id": "3adc1519-0d6e-4222-83de-25b457cf42be",
 "access_token": "313c3e00-2bbc-4b2e-a9dc-13abed546b65",
 "store": {
        "default_currency": "EUR",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "id": "3e406708-e696-4454-9367-a6bb2bd9bdf0",
    "store_name": "Rutter test store",
    "url": ""