Webhook Quickstart

Getting started with webhooks

After a merchant connects their store with your app, it takes some time to load an initial dataset that you fetch via our API. While Rutter is loading the data, responses will fail with an error_code of PRODUCT_NOT_READY. For more details, see Errors Overview.

We recommend using our Connection Webhooks to get notified when you can start fetching data safely.

Set up tunneling

We recommend using ngrok to serve your backend over a public URL.

After installing ngrok, if your backend is running on port 4000, run ngrok http 4000. This will then give you public URLs that Rutter can hit to send updates.

Configure your webhook

To let Rutter know what your webhook URL is, go to the Platforms page in the dashboard. Paste in the public URL that ngrok generated for you in the previous step.

Handle webhooks

That's it! Now, you can run through the connection flow again, and check that events are sent to your webhook URL.

What’s Next