Retrieve all of the accounts from the user's accounting platform

The Account object

A Rutter Account represents the ledger that a business use to track its accounting transactions.

idstringA Rutter designated ID for this account. It always will be in UUID format
platform_idstringThe ID that the accounting platform used to identify this account
nominal_codestringReference given to each nominal account for a business. It ensures money is allocated to the correct account.
namestringThe name of the account
categorystringThe high level category of the account. One of:
- asset
- expense
- equity
- liability
- income
account_typestringThe specific account type. One of:
- accounts_payable
- accounts_receivable
- bank
- fixed_asset
- other_asset
- liability
- non_posting
- other_current_assets
- equity
- credit_card
- expense
- other_expense
- cost_of_goods_sold
- income
- other_income
- unknown
statusstringThe status of the account. One of:
- active
- inactive
- pending
currencystringThe ISO-4217 currency code of the account.
current_balancenumberCurrent balance of the account in its iso_currency_code currency
updated_atstringThe last ISO 8601 timestamp the order was updated.
      "id": "0f22c735-57dd-4954-9084-68e41c17b573",
      "platform_id": "7513594",
      "nominal_code": "184",
      "name": "Account Payable Account",
      "category": "liability",
      "account_type": "accounts_payable",
      "status": "active",
      "currency": "USD",
      "current_balance": 800.89,  
      "updated_at": "2016-06-23T09:10:02.798Z"