Bank Transfers

Retrieve all transfers from a business' accounting platform.

The Transfer object

Transfers is a data type of account transactions and represents money movement between different bank accounts.

idstringA Rutter designated ID for a bank transfer object. It always will be in UUID format
datestringThe last ISO 8601
currencystringThe ISO-4217 currency code
currency_ratenumberRate between the currency of the invoice and the base currency.
total_amountnumberTotal amount associated with the bank transfer.
updated_atstringThe last ISO 8601
to_account_idstringThe Account ID the transfer is going to
from_account_idstringThe Account ID the transfer coming from
memostringDescription of the bank transfer (when available)
      "id": "123",
      "date": "2021-03-09T10:18:29.985Z",
      "currency": "USD",
      "currency_rate": 1.13,
      "total_amount": 1000.5,
      "to_account_id": "4578",
      "from_account_id": "1232",
      "from_bank_transaction_id": "b11794bc",
      "to_bank_transaction_id": "b11794cd",
      "memo": "Reference to bank transfer.",
      "updated_at": "2021-03-09T10:18:29.985Z"