The Connections endpoints are used to manage Connections, which are the individual stores that merchants have shared their data to you with. You can use these endpoints to create a new connection manually and send an authentication link directly to a merchant, or get access to the raw credentials for a specific platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.).

To understand the lifecycle of a Connection and the important events that occur when a merchant connects/disconnects their platform, see Connection Lifecycle.

idstringThe Rutter ID of the connection. This value is a UUID generated by Rutter that uniquely identifies a connection regardless of the platform.
access_tokenstringOur APIs use access tokens when making API calls for an established business connection. This is obtained by exchanging the public token for an access token using our Exchange Token API. See Token Exchange for more information on the exchange flow.
platformstringThe platform associated to this connection (e.g. Shopify). See our supporting Commerce Platforms or Accounting Platforms pages for the platform enumeration.
link_urlstringThis is a unique and stable link that can be sent to a business to authenticate their business to Rutter.
created_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp the connection is established
updated_atstringThe last ISO 8601 timestamp the order was updated.