Create a Connection

Generates new connections programmatically. POST body is optional, unless you are creating a connection with existing credentials/tokens.

Create connections programmatically using the Create a Connection API. There are two ways to use this API:

  1. Create a connection URL that allows the merchant to select which platform they want to connect. This is done by leaving the request body empty.
  2. Create a connection with existing credentials. This is done by specifying the platform and including the associated credentials (OAuth, Basic Auth, etc.) for the connection. Rutter will use these fields to make the authenticated API requests to the platform. To see what values are required for each platform, see the Platform Specific Required Body Params table below or contact [email protected] for more support.

Request Properties

Platform Specific Required Body Params

PlatformRequired Body Params
Amazon Selling Partner APIoauth_client_id: SP-API App Client ID
oauth_client_secret: SP-API App Client Secret
oauth_refresh_token: SP-API Refresh Token
amazon_access_key_id: AWS User Access Key ID
amazon_secret_access_key: AWS User Secret Access Key
amazon_selling_partner_role: AWS Role ARN used in SP-API app
amazon_seller_region: Region of Amazon seller - must be one of na (North America), eu (Europe), or fe (Far East).
BigCommerce Connector Appstore_url: BigCommerce merchant domain URL
oauth_access_token: BigCommerce Store Access Token
BigCommerce Single-Click Appstore_url: BigCommerce merchant domain URL
oauth_client_id: BigCommerce App Client ID
oauth_client_secret: BigCommerce App Client Secret
oauth_access_token: BigCommerce Store Access Token
Ebayoauth_client_id: Ebay Developer OAuth Client ID
oauth_client_secret: Ebay Developer OAuth Client Secret
oauth_refresh_token: Ebay OAuth Refresh Token
FNACpartner_id: FNAC Partner ID
shop_id: FNAC Shop ID
key: FNAC Key
Lazadaoauth_client_id: OAuth Client ID
oauth_client_secret: OAuth Client Secret
oauth_access_token: OAuth Access Token
oauth_refresh_token: OAuth Refresh Token
country: Country Code for Merchant (e.g. id, sg, th)
Magentostore_url: Magento merchant website URL
basic_username: Magento Admin User Username
basic_password: Magento Admin User Password
PrestaShop APIstore_url: PrestaShop merchant domain URL
api_key: PrestaShop API Key
Quickbooks Onlineoauth_client_id: OAuth Client ID
oauth_client_secret: OAuth Client Secret
oauth_refresh_token: OAuth Refresh Token
realm_id: The Company ID which the app wants to access
environment: "sandbox" | "production"
Shoperstore_url: Shoper merchant domain URL
oauth_access_token: Shoper merchant OAuth Access Token
oauth_refresh_token: Shoper merchant OAuth Refresh Token
Shopify Private Appstore_url: Shopify merchant domain URL
basic_username: Private Shopify App API Key
basic_password: Private Shopify App Password
Shopify Public Appplatform: SHOPIFY
store_url: Shopify merchant domain URL
oauth_client_id: Shopify App Client ID
oauth_client_secret: Shopify App Client Secret
oauth_access_token: Shopify Merchant Access Token
oauth_refresh_token: Shopify Merchant Refresh Token
Squareoauth_client_id: Square Developer OAuth Client ID
oauth_client_secret: Square Developer OAuth Client Secret
oauth_refresh_token: Square OAuth Refresh Token
Stripeoauth_access_token: Stripe OAuth Access Token
account_id Stripe Account ID
WooCommercestore_url: WooCommerce merchant website URL
basic_username: WooCommerce Rest API Consumer Key
basic_password: WooCommerce Rest API Consumer Secret

Response Properties

connectionobjectObject containing connection properties.
idstringThe Rutter ID of the connection. This value is a UUID generated by Rutter that uniquely identifies a connection regardless of the platform.
access_tokenstringOur APIs use access tokens when making API calls for an established business connection. This is obtained by exchanging the public token for an access token using our Exchange Token API. See Token Exchange for more information on the exchange flow.
link_urlstringThis is a unique and stable link that can be sent to a business to authenticate their business to Rutter.