Generates new connections programmatically. POST body is optional, unless you are creating a connection with existing credentials/tokens.

Allows programmatic creation of connections. Leave the body empty to create a completely new connection for a new merchant.

If platform is specified, associated credentials (OAuth, Basic Auth, etc.) for the connection must be provided so Rutter can make authenticated API requests to the platform. To see what values are required for each platform, check the platform-specific documentation below or please contact [email protected]

Shopify Public App Required Body Params

  • store_url: Shopify merchant domain URL
  • oauth_client_id: Shopify App Client ID
  • oauth_client_secret: Shopify App Client Secret
  • oauth_access_token: Shopify Merchant Access Token

Shopify Private App Required Body Params

  • store_url: Shopify merchant domain URL
  • basic_username: Private Shopify App API Key
  • basic_password: Private Shopify App Password

  • store_url: WooCommerce merchant website URL
  • basic_username: WooCommerce Rest API Consumer Key
  • basic_password: WooCommerce Rest API Consumer Secret

  • store_url: Magento merchant website URL
  • basic_username: Magento Admin User Username
  • basic_password: Magento Admin User Password

BigCommerce Single-Click App Required Body Params

  • store_url: BigCommerce merchant domain URL
  • oauth_client_id: BigCommerce App Client ID
  • oauth_client_secret: BigCommerce App Client Secret
  • oauth_access_token: BigCommerce Store Access Token

BigCommerce Connector App Required Body Params

  • store_url: BigCommerce merchant domain URL
  • oauth_access_token: BigCommerce Store Access Token

Amazon Selling Partner API Required Body Params

  • oauth_client_id: SP-API App Client ID
  • oauth_client_secret: SP-API App Client Secret
  • oauth_refresh_token: SP-API Refresh Token
  • amazon_access_key_id: AWS User Access Key ID
  • amazon_secret_access_key: AWS User Secret Access Key
  • amazon_selling_partner_role: AWS Role ARN used in SP-API app
  • amazon_seller_region: Region of Amazon seller - must be one of na (North America), eu (Europe), or fe (Far East).

PrestaShop API Key Required Body Params

  • store_url: PrestaShop merchant domain URL
  • api_key: PrestaShop API Key

Shoper Required Body Params

  • store_url: Shoper merchant domain URL
  • oauth_access_token: Shoper merchant OAuth Access Token
  • oauth_refresh_token: Shoper merchant OAuth Refresh Token

Response Properties






The new connection object.
See information about the link_url here.