The Expenses object

Expenses represents a payment that is made by a business to another vendor at the time of purchase (ex. a credit card payment).

idstringUnique ID of the expense object.
platform_idstringOptional unique platform ID of the expense object.
expense_datestringThe timestamp when the expense was made.
account_idstringAccount ID that logs the payment details associated with an expense
vendor_idstringOptional unique ID for the vendor associated with the expense
tracking_category_idstringOptional unique ID for the category of the line item (eg. department, custom expense groupings, etc.)
currency_codestringThe ISO-4217 currency code
memostringOptional description of the expense.
line_itemsobject[]Array of line items with details for the expense

Expense Line Item Object

platform_idstringPlatform ID for the expense line item.
amountnumberTotal amount for the line item
account_idstringAccount ID of the individual line item expense, corresponding to the expense category.
descriptionstringOptional description of the line item for the expense