Fetch a Connection by Access Token

The /access_token endpoint allows developers to fetch general information about a merchant's store, including the URL and name of the store.

Response Properties

connectionobjectObject containing connection properties.
idstringThe Rutter ID of the connection. This value is a UUID generated by Rutter that uniquely identifies a connection regardless of the platform.
platformstringThe platform associated to this connection (e.g. Shopify). See our supporting Commerce Platforms or Accounting Platforms pages for the platform enumeration.
store_domainstringDomain of the store
store_namestringName of the store
store_unique_idstringUnique ID of the store
needs_updatebooleanIndicates whether the connection needs an update
disabledbooleanIndicates whether the connection is disabled
link_urlstringThe link_url used to establish the connection. See Connection URL for more information on the link_url.
initial_orders_synced_countnumberThe number of orders synced in the initial update, see Connection Lifecycle for more information about the initial update.
created_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp the connection is established.
last_sync_completed_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp of the last completed sync by the connection.
last_sync_started_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp of the last started sync by the connection.
oldest_order_datestringThe ISO 8601 timestamp of the oldest order for the connection.
newest_order_datestringThe ISO 8601 timestamp of the newest order for the connection.
estimated_completed_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp of the estimated completion time for a sync.