Fetch All Products

Currently Supported Platforms
Amazon BigCommerce Ebay Etsy Lazada Magento Mercado Libre Prestashop Shopify Square Squarespace Wix WooCommerce

Fetching all products

The /products endpoint allows developers to receive user-authorized products data for a merchant's store.

Due to the potentially large number of products associated with an Item, results are paginated. Manipulate the count and offset parameters in conjunction with the total_products response body field to fetch all available products.

Response Properties

productsobject[]Array of Products
connectionobjectConnection Object
next_cursorstring | null

Platform Differences

Deleted Products

For Shopify / WooCommerce / Wix Only: To bypass platform rate limits and allow custom filters, we supply our responses for GET requests from data cached in our database and we constantly poll platforms for updates. We detect product deletion by subscribing to a platform's webhooks to notify us if a product is deleted.

For all other platforms: You may notice deleted products from merchants will still show up in our API response. If this is the case, you can call the Delete a Product endpoint to remove the product from our database.