The Fulfillment object

Rutter allows updating specific orders with shipping/fulfillment information like carrier, tracking number, and tracking URL.

idstringThe Rutter ID of the fulfillment. This value is a UUID generated by Rutter that uniquely identifies a fulfillment regardless of platforms.
order_idstringThe Rutter Order ID that this fulfillment is associated with.
carrierstringCarrier company, ex "USPS", "Fedex", "UPS", "Canada Post", etc. Can be any string
servicestringCarrier shipping service, e.g. "Priority Mail", "2 Day Delivery", etc. Can be any string
tracking_urlstringThe tracking URL string that buyers can click to look up tracking information.
tracking_numberstringTracking number associated with this parcel. Usually buyers can track tracking info using this number at carrier's website.
line_itemsobject[]The product variants and quantities associated as part of this fulfillment