Income Statements

Get the income statement (a.k.a profit & loss) for a connection

Returns the income statement / profit and loss for a connection.

Currently Supported Platforms
Quickbooks Online Quickbooks Desktop Xero Netsuite Sage Business Cloud Sage Intacct Dynamics 365 Wave Freshbooks Zohobooks

The Income Statement Object

idstringThe rutter id for income statement
created_atstringThe last ISO 8601 timestamp the income statement was created.
updated_atstringThe last ISO 8601 timestamp the income statement was updated.
start_datestringThe start date of the income statement.
end_datestringThe end date of the income statement.
currency_codestringThe ISO-4217 currency code.
incomeobjectAll Income Report Line Items.
expensesobjectAll Expenses Report Line Items.
cost_of_salesobjectAll Cost of Sales Report Line Items.
net_incomenumberNet Income in given period.
gross_profitnumberTotal profit after deducting the cost of sales.
total_incomenumberTotal income in given period.
total_expensesnumberTotal expense in given period.
total_cost_of_salesnumberTotal cost of sales in given period.
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