Items are the products and services of a specific company.

The Item Object

idstringUnique ID of the item object.
namestring | nullName of the item in the accounting platform.
codestringReference code for the item.
updated_atstringThe last updated at date in ISO 8601
statusstringStatus of the item, one of:

- unknown
- active
- archived
typestringType of the item, one of:

- inventory
- non_inventory
- service
- unknown
bill_itemobjectItem details associated with a bill (when the item was purchased)
invoice_itemobjectItem details associated with the invoice (when the item was sold).

Bill Item or Invoice Item

descriptionstringThe description of the line item for the bill or invoice.
unit_pricenumberThe unit amount of the line item for the bill or invoice.
      "id": "2ab4d4e8-eb85-4d82-afde-9a47cda3a37b",
      "name": "Great Service",
      "code": "GS1",
      "updated_at": "2022-01-26T06:15:25.161Z",
      "status": "unknown",
      "type": "unknown",
      "bill_item": {
        "description": "A special service",
        "unit_price": 0
      "invoice_item": {
        "description": "A special service",
        "unit_price": 0