Journal Entries

Retrieve all of the Journal Entries from the user's accounting platform

The Journal Entries Object

A Rutter Journal Entries Object represent a company's journal entries

idstringUnique identifier for the journal entry and is unique to the business
platform_idstringUnique Platform ID for the journal entry
posted_atstringThis is the date on which the journal entry was added. This can be different from the creation date and can also be backdated.
created_atstringThe journal entry's created date.
currencystringCurrency of the journal entry.
currency_ratenumberRate between the currency of the journal entry and the base currency of the business.
line_itemsobject[]Array of journal entry lines.
memostringUser-friendly reference for the journal entry.
updated_atstringDate the record was last changed.

Journal Entry Line Item

platform_idstringUnique Platform ID for the journal entry line item
DescriptionstringA description detailing what this line item represents
AmountnumberThe total amount for this line item
Tax AmountnumberThe amount of tax included in this line item
account_refObject {
id: string,
name: string
the ID of the associated account for this line item, and the name of the account
tax_rate_idstringID of the associated tax rate used to calculate tax for this line item
tracking_category_idstringID of the associated tracking category
      "id": "1",
      "posted_at": "2001-06-09T12:28:24",
      "created_at": "2001-06-09T12:28:24",
      "currency": "USD",
      "currency_rate": 1.25,
      "line_items": [
          "description": "Services rendered.",
          "amount": 40,
          "tax_amount": 40,
          "account_ref": {
            "id": "355",
            "name": "Depreciation Expense"
          "tax_rate_id": "123",
          "tracking_category_id": "1234"
      "memo": "This is your Bill Memo.",
      "updated_at": "2001-06-09T12:28:24"