A Rutter Payout represents a transfer of funds from a merchant's storefront account to their linked bank. Each payout object contains multiple linked Rutter Transaction objects.

idstringThe Rutter ID of the payout. This value is a UUID generated by Rutter that uniquely identifies a payout regardless of platforms.
iso_currency_codestringThe ISO-4217 currency code of the payout.
destinationobjectThe destination of the payout. Contains the following properties: account_number_last_digits, bank_name, destination_id, last_four, routing_number
methodstringAvailable for stripe only. One of:
- standard
- instant
schedulestringOne of:
- unknown
- manual
- automatic
statusstringOne of:
- paid
- pending
- in_transit
- cancelled
- failed
- unknown
transactionsobject[]A list of associated Rutter Transaction objects. Currently, this field will be empty for Amazon.
typestringOne of:
- bank_account
- card
arrival_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp that the payout will arrive at the destination
created_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp that the payout is created
updated_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp that the payout is updated

Platform Differences

There can be some differences in field values due to platform-specific limitations or if the connection is missing required scopes.


Amazon: Currently, this field will be empty for Amazon