Retrieve all products & variants from a merchant's store.

A Rutter Product represents a generic product listed in a store. Products can have many variants, which are included as an array in a given product.

Product Properties

idstringThe Rutter ID of the product. This value is a UUID generated by Rutter that uniquely identifies a product regardless of platforms.
platform_idstringThis is the platform specific product id for this product.
typestringCategorization of product. This is the type listed on the platform and not standardized by Rutter.
namestringTitle of product
descriptionstringDescription of product
imagesobject[]Array of image objects for the product
statusstringStatus of product. Valid values:
- active
- archived
- inactive
- draft
variantsobject[]Array of Variants
tagsstring[]Store tags for the product
created_atstringThe date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the product was created.
updated_atstringThe date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the product was updated.
product_urlstringThe URL to access this product on platform's site
  "id": "987f8ad0-502a-4153-8a46-a19df28e5023",
  "platform_id": "40135922679992",
  "type": "Physical Products",
  "name": "IPod Nano - 8GB",
  "description": "It's the small iPod with a big idea: Video.",
  "images": [
        "src": "" 
  "status": "active",
  "variants": [
      "id": "39072856",
      "product_id": "987f8ad0-502a-4153-8a46-a19df28e5023",
      "title": "Green",
      "price": 199.00,
      "iso_currency_code": "USD",
      "sku": "IPOD2008GREEN",
       "option_values": [
           "name": "Color",
           "value": "Black"
       "images": [
           "src": ""
      "weight": {
        "value": 500.00,
        "unit": "g"
      "inventory": {
        "total_count": 30,
        "locations": [
            "id": "39072856",
            "name": "CA Warehouse",
            "address1": "544 Guerrero Street",
            "address2": "Apt 3",
            "city": "San Francisco",
            "postal_code": "94110",
            "region": "CA",
            "country": "USA",
            "updated_at": "2016-06-23T09:09:34.752Z",
            "available": 30
  "tags": ["Emotive", "Flash Memory", "MP3, Music"],
  "created_at": "2016-06-23T09:09:34.752Z",
  "updated_at": "2016-06-23T09:10:02.798Z",
  "product_url": ""