The Subscriptions object

A Rutter Subscription represents a payment charged to customers on a recurring basis for a product/service that a business sells. Each subscription is tied to an individual customer and may contain multiple subscription items (since a customer can have multiple subscriptions).


We're adding more fields to this endpoint soon! If you're interested in certain fields that you don't see today, reach out and we'd love to work with you.

idstringThe Rutter ID of the subscription. This value is a UUID generated by Rutter that uniquely identifies a subscription regardless of platforms.
platform_idstringThe platform specific subscription id for this subscription.
platform_customer_idstringThe platform specific customer id for this subscription.
iso_currency_codestring | nullThe ISO 4217 currency code of the subscription. This can be null if the platform does not return this information.
statusstringStatus of subscription. Possible values are:
- active
- in_trial
- canceled
- paused
- unknown
itemsobject[]Array of subscription items for a customer.
created_atstringThe ISO 8601 timestamp the order was created.
updated_atstringThe last ISO 8601 timestamp the order was updated.

Subscription Item object

platform_idstringThis is the platform specific product id for this subscription item.
amountnumber | nullThe total amount for this subscription item in its currency. This may be null for platforms that do not expose total amount for subscriptions.
unit_amountnumberCost of a single unit of the subscription item. Only set for subscriptions that are charged per-item, instead of on a tiered plan.
quantitynumberThe number of items of this subscription item that will be charged for.
intervalstringFrequency with which this subscription item is billed. Possible values are:
- day
- month
- week
- year
interval_countnumberNumber of intervals between subscription billings. For instance, if this is set to 3 and interval is set to month, the user would be billed every 3 months.
   "id": "8ba01e31-ecd4-4211-a03d-3ce70a1a4e6c",
   "platform_id": "sub_P6yR1qR9dS2aB8lC2uG4yF7k",
   "platform_customer_id": "cus_G9tA0gH9yY6wM4k",
   "iso_currency_code": "usd",
   "items": [
         "amount": 124.00,
         "unit_amount": 124.00,
         "quantity": 1,
         "interval": "month",
         "interval_count": 1,
         "product_id": "a9a385d5-caf2-401c-b727-b3b982086fec",
         "variant_id": "price_V5rO6yR4pV0xK2sH3hW2iW3o",
         "title": "90 day trial then $199/mo"
   "status": "in_trial",
   "created_at": "2022-09-16T18:03:54.000Z",
   "updated_at": "2022-09-16T18:03:54.000Z",