Variants Object

For each product, there are one or more product variants, representing a specific version of the product.

Variant Properties

product_idstringRutter ID for parent Product
barcodestring | null
titlestringTitle of variant
pricefloatPrice of variant
unit_cost (DEPRECATED)float | nullUnit cost of variant. Deprecation Notice: Deprecated because this field is not supported on most commerce platforms. When support is there, the value is user input and frequently incorrect.
iso_currency_codestringThe ISO-4217 currency code of the variant.
skustring | nullStock keeping unit
fulfillment_servicestring | null
inventory_managementstring | null
option_valuesobject[]Configuration for this variant, i.e. Color, Size. Length of array is at most 3.
inventoryobject | nullAn object containing two attributes: total_count, which is a number denoting total inventory, and locations, which is an array of objects showing location details and quantity at location.

If the platform doesn't set or provide inventory data, this field will be null
weightobject | nullWeight of this variant, if supplied, otherwise it would be null. It will contain both units and the value. For weight returned by Rutter, it will always be converted to grams.
      "id": "39072856",
      "product_id": "987f8ad0-502a-4153-8a46-a19df28e5023",
      "title": "Green",
      "price": 199.00,
      "iso_currency_code": "USD",
      "sku": "IPOD2008GREEN",
      "weight": {
        "value": 500.00,
        "unit": "g"
      "option_values": [
          "name": "Color",
          "value": "Red"
          "name": "Size",
          "value": "XL"
      "inventory": {
        "total_count": 30,
        "locations": [
            "id": "39072856",
            "name": "CA Warehouse",
            "address1": "544 Guerrero Street",
            "address2": "Apt 3",
            "city": "San Francisco",
            "postal_code": "94110",
            "region": "CA",
            "country": "USA",
            "updated_at": "2016-06-23T09:09:34.752Z",
            "available": 30


Each product variant has an inventory property, which is an object with details about the total quantity and individual quantities of a variant across a merchant's locations. If no locations are available for a merchant, the locations property will be null.